Monday, July 18, 2011

Laws and Policies about Families

There are many different types of laws in general and there are many different laws that affect families in today's society.


Prop 8 was an important State Law that affected the State of California, as many of these types of laws have considered for the State in changing how they want to define families.

There are many different types of Social Services and Programs that can also help many families today; some of these programs can also help bring down the normal way that society and families are suppose to work together.

-TANF (Temporary Aid for Need Families)
-Child/ Spousal Support
-Foster Care Programs

Laws against the Family:
-Divorce Laws
-Domestic Violence Laws:
(not that these laws are a bad thing, however sometimes people misuse them and use them in court falsely to avoid other aspects of the court hearings.)
-Child Custody Laws
- Other laws that pull families apart.
-Laws that allow 16 yrs. olds to drop out of High School, the family ends up having to deal with the problems created by the child not educating themselves.

There is always someone in the situation that is suffering more than another, individuals creating these laws don't see that it doesn't pan out the way they originally create them to be. It ends up diminishing the family and breaking them apart.

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