Monday, July 18, 2011

Traditions of Families

Please remember that some of these traditions are traditional for LDS family, however it might be beneficial to add to your family as well.

-Getting a job while you're a teenager.
-Learning the importance of work.
-When someone cooks, someone else cleans the dishes.
-Having an angel on the top of the Christmas tree instead of a Star.
-Religious Traditions
-Eating Sunday Dinners together.
-Blessings before School Starts.
-New PJ set on Christmas Eve

-Singing "Happy Birthday"
-At age 8, parents giving the child a set of scriptures.
-Getting baptized at age 8.
-Age 12 girls are allowed the wear make-up
-Dating at age 16.
-Driver's Licensing
-Doing your Chores correctly, before going out to Play.

Tradition is defined as something that is inherited; pattern of belief/ thought or behavior. Things that are carefully chosen.

Family Therapy sessions normally increase during the Holiday months and then it decreases until mid-Feb, we should be borrowing Family Traditions and adding their aspects of family traditions into our own families.

There are many family traditions that are very important and they are not passed on because the future generations do not see the significance in specific traditions. Not passing on the faults of negative traditions and things that happened in your life and family is something that is very important. Even though you might be breaking a family tradition, it is good because it is something that could be something that could negatively affect your family and their future families.

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