Friday, July 15, 2011

Relationship Attachment Model

(Touch is the highest, you think you know someone,
even though in reality you really don't know that
person all that well.)

* Becoming and Preparing yourself for Marriage is the striving to become the best marriage partner available.

* Speaking openly in dating and family scenerios helps you to get to know people better, you will be able to clearly see how things mesh together.

* Your best predictor of future behavior is present and past behaviors.

* You shouldn't have a long engagement, because if you do problems might arise with trying to have the perfect wedding, instead of focusing on each other.

* Dating- long time, get to know someone.
* Engagements - short time, get to know the other person better in a spiritual sense, learn how to work together even better than you were when you were dating, since you're going to be spending eternity with this person.

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