Friday, July 15, 2011

Parenting... part II

- Courage is strength of the heart.
-Knowing the right thing, having the courage to do something about it!

-Encouragement is a way to help the family situation in perspective.

-Courage: Confidence to take a known risk for a known purpose, which will serve your children very well throughout their lives. You, as a parent can help your child in building courage within themselves.


(i.e: Eggs in a nest, providing support like a Mother bird for her eggs)

Be careful when extended family members are providing support- Pros and Cons:
-You do not want excessive and unwanted support, which could serve as stress to parents.
-Extended family members can say things parents cannot say without starting an argument.
-Contributing energy and effort into the gospel, until it is strong enough to endure through the eternities.

"Every child is entitled to grow up in a home where there is a warm & secure companionship, where there is love in the family relationship, where appreciation for one another is taught & exemplified and where God is acknowledged and His peace and blessing invoked before the family altar." -Gordon B. Hinckley.

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