Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Marriage... what is it. Really?!?!

Marriage is essential to God's Plan.
You are entitled to be born into a good family, if you aren't you are a "savior upon Mt. Zion." You were willing to suffer and be able to make up for those who didn't chose the right in this life. Many people that come to this world are not given the truths that we should be given, because of the bad choices that they have made in this life. If we continue to understand and teach the truths of the gospel in these latter days we will def. succeed in gaining a deeper testimony and bringing others unto Christ.

Marriage is essential:
-Convents have to be made, through a man and a woman.
-Prevents selfishness.
-Allows for you (the individual) to focus on someone else needs.
-Creates a Balance for the family.

In this life we must be married to someone of the opposite gender, because that other person will compliment the characteristics and the personalities flaws of the other individual... or at least you hope so.

-Our education impacts our families.
-Having children is a faith based work, regardless of if you are religious or not... think about it, you have a little tiny baby inside of you and well... God must be present.
-Striving for exaltation.
-Becoming "one" with another.
-"Perfection," complete, while, fully formed in the next life... only if you have been married, this is how you would participate in eternal life.
-God, our Heavenly Father was a parent... that's how we have parents and become parents is based off of His original blueprints.

"You will sacrifice more in marriage than any other time in your life."

Many young people don't have the confidence it takes to see their marriage actually working out. We need to teach one another about the positive aspects of marriage, how good it really is. Being married brings a deep source of happiness, a positive, healthy, and realistic way of life.

Marriages are more valuable now, than they were 20 yrs. ago. Only because so many marriages end in divorce.

I hope that this post will help in opening your eyes as to how good marriages should actually go-about and how they really are beneficial to our society today.

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