Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Recreation Activities need to be a Part of Families

All families need time to get together and enjoy themselves as a group, as a family. Without this basic element being added to the family there isn't any fun in the everyday same old same old, day in and day out. Sometimes there needs to be recreation to add a bit of fun to the chaotic things within our families lives.

Taking time to just stop thinking about work, what you're going to do at work, everything else that you can possibly think of that doesn't include your family. Take some time to have fun, by doing something other than work. Whether it is leisure or its to go do something with the family, as long as its taking time to do something different than the normal routine.

If its a family recreational activity, it needs to be Planned, An Activity (duh!), Proactive.

Anything in excess-- too much of anything isn't a good thing... it leads to the activity being aimless and distracting. Doing pointless activities gets you no where. Even if you are going and doing service for someone, that is a great way to have family recreation. Because its not taking away from the family aspects, not something that can end up being narcissist or selfish in any way.

If someone in the family doesn't want to do something that doesn't mean they should have to suffer, however the activity needs to be something that each family member can benefit from.

Examples of Good Wholesome Family Recreational Activities:
-Reading as a couple, or a group...
(Okay honestly, this shouldn't be the scriptures since you should already be doing that as a family.)
-Cooking/ Baking
-Games (& Board Games)
-Crafts (Knitting, Sewing,
-Road Trips
-Going to a Sporting Event
-Snowboarding/ Skiing/ Sledding/ Making a Snowman

Make sure you are including recreational time for your family into your schedule, it will def. help benefiting your family and will def. benefit you in taking time from work! :)

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