Monday, June 20, 2011

Parenting from an LDS point of view

As we participate, we will be exalted and become like our Heavenly Father. The more we are doing our part to follow his guidance in how to go about teaching our children and how to go about making life decisions for ourselves and our children we need to be in continuous prayer and we need to understand what the Godhead is about and how parenthood can help us understand that. Marriage and parenting are the only things that are self mastering.

"When the heart of a baby starts beating that is when that child's life will begin. However if they die after that then was that child's earth experience."

There are many different styles of parenting and some are more successful than others, however if we are listening to the spirit and have the "right" ideas about how to go about doing things within our lives, making goals and striving to fulfill those goals then how else can we be wrong?

We can be discouraging as parents without even knowing it, saying like: "No, you can't use that!" "You break it, don't do that." "I guess you're not the type who does well in school." These negative sayings that parents sometimes say to their children are so discouraging it can affect how a child is raised. Because the more a child is told these negative things it places negative thoughts in their head which leads to negative actions. If you are focusing on mistakes and using sayings like: "I notice you left your glass in the den last night How many times do I have to ask you to be considerate?" "There's 3 B's, an A, and one D... How did you get the D?" Not realizing that as a parent you are not focusing on the A's and B's the student received leads to a negative thought process.

Encouragement is the way to help in the family situation in perspective. Parents need to have the confidence to take a known risk for a known purpose--- will serve your children very well throughout their lives. You can do so much to help your children build the courage that we sustain throughout their lives.

Sometimes teenagers and others get themselves into "risk taking" that isn't having courage, that is just having a risk. How most of us perceive God is based on how we were treated by our parents. As a parent you want to focus on strengths "catch them being good," not focusing on mistakes. A great example of this is learning a language and getting corrected.

I hope this blog post will add to your understanding and your ideas of parenting, wish you only the best.

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  1. I am hoping to raise a few children myself one day and I believe that my faith has made me stronger to do that. Raising a child is no small responsibility and I believe that teaching them how to become a caring responsible adult with good morals and beliefs is a major task. But I know that through my faith and through the people heavenly father has sent to me that I will make it through. I totally agree with your comments.