Monday, December 5, 2011

Parenting Styles

Autocratic (Authoritarian)
Active (Democratic/ Authoritative)
Permissive (Doormat Parents :please don't be this one... or your children will probably grow up being deviants of society)

Autocratic: ("its my way or the highway")
lots of pressure
few choices are given to children
"because I said so!"

With this parenting style there is lots of punishment, manipulation, rewards.
(i.e: Creepy Mother Golom in "Tangled")

"As parents, our children want us to do the right thing, whether it hurts or not!"

let them... friend instead of parent
"its okay!"
attention-seeking children
"Did you really care??"

A loving Parent must do the following:
1) Love
2) .... For emotions
3) Checking for understanding

Remember to keep in mind the following when speaking to your children:
-How to make an important decision.
-Your self worth.

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