Monday, October 3, 2011

FAM 160- Things that I learned this week

Hypothesis: educated guess, useful for forming questions, ideas. Finding an explanation for something. (A guess, for what will happen!)

Theory: explaining, what it is that happens. Explanation; predictions, influences.

Law: concentrates theory & hypothesis.

Family Systems Theory:
-One unit
-People play different roles, in their families.

Exchange theory- asserts that we attempt to keep our costs lower than our rewards. Individual weighs the pros/cons of a situation. Individual is being self-centered, b/c they are only our of to help themselves.

Symbolic Interaction Theory- our interpretation of a situation is as important as anything that is objectivity true about that situation. Being shaped by interaction experiences.

Conflict Theory- all societies are inequality, conflict, change as groups within the society struggle over scare resources.

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